How long are the tours?

Tours are two hours long and we offer a variety of touring options including: pub crawls, historic tours, holiday tours, women’s tours, family tours and more.

How many people can ride?

We need a minimum of 8 people to get the bike to move and can hold up to 15! We have three booking options-you can book the entire bike and invite up to 15 friends, book as a group with a minimum of 8 participants or there are various times where we have open seats available and you can join a group by booking an open individual seat.

What’s the cost of a tour?

Private tours are $400 and get you the entire bike to yourself. Group tours are $35/person and require a minimum of 8 participants.  Additional seats will be available to the public for group tours.  Open seats are $39/each (open seats only available when a minimum of 8 seats have been secured) and available only when a group tour is booked that has extra seats available.

Can we drink on the bike?

Yes, you can bring anything you want to enjoy while pedaling around Daytona.  That includes beer, wine, water, soda, margaritas, etc.  We want you to responsibly enjoy your beverage on our tour so don’t worry-you pedal but we actually drive the bike.  You may bring a small cooler up to 12 inches tall that must be stored in our overhead bin (coolers that do not fit in our overhead bin cannot be on the bike so we recommend fabric coolers). Please note that just because you can drink does not mean you can be obnoxious, rude or break any of our rules.  Guests that become unruly or overconsume will be either sent home in an Uber or the tour will stop.  One last thing on the coolers-please make sure your cooler does not leak as it will leak on people’s heads and they don’t like that!  We do not have ice so make sure to bring ice.  All drinks must be brought in cans or plastic, no bottles allowed on bike.

How do we get the bike to move?

The bike is pedaled by you! So get ready for a fun tour with a little exercise too! Only 10 of the seats have pedals so some guests can sit back and relax while their friends or family do the work!

What is the minimum age to ride?

We offer tours for all ages, however, for kid/family tours at least 8 riders must be over 18 so that we can make sure the bike gets pedaled.

What if it rains?

Bike runs rain or shine (yay for canopies) but we do reserve the right to cancel the tour based on severe weather.

What if a guest is rowdy, rude or has bad behavior?

We do not allow guests to be rude, rowdy or display bad behavior. Cursing is not allowed on the bike and any rudeness shown to our driver or other guests will result in immediate removal from the bike. Guests that go too far with consumption will be sent home in an Uber. This is for the safety of our driver and other guests. Hopcycles offers a fun way to tour Daytona Beach!  Groups and riders that are rude, disrespectful or out of control will have their tour terminated immediately with no refund given.

What type of cup should I bring?

No glass, Yeti’s, cans or any cup made of hard material of any kind is allowed on the bus. You may bring flexible plastic or paper cups or we sell really cool Silli Cups at the shop that make great souvenirs of your tour.  These cool cups don’t sweat, are BPA free and keep your drink cold for the whole tour…and they are super cute!

May I bring food on the tour?

Sorry, absolutely no food is allowed on the bus during the tour.  Also, based on our limited time at each stop, we will not have time to order food at tour stops but do recommend that if you like a spot you go back to eat there after the tour!   If anyone on your tour orders food at one of our stops, we will take the additional stops off of the tour as there will not be time.  So please eat before you come and let us know if you want recommendations!

What is the tour route?

We have several routes that visit various fun places around town.  Tours are set in advance, we do offer customized tours if route has been coordinated no less than seven days out so that we can coordinate details with our tour stop partners.

What are the requirements to ride?

Every rider (or their legal guardian) must sign a liability waiver to ride. We have to have at least 8 riders over the age of 18. Guests have the option to wear a helmet. Guests must be able to get on and off the bike on their own. Please note, guests that over-indulge will be sent home in an Uber if the driver feels it is necessary.

Should we tip the driver?

Of course, please do! This is how our drivers/guides pay their bills so please make sure to tip. Suggested tips are: Party of 2-$10, party of 4-$20, full group of 8 or more $100+! If your driver was super rad please feel free to tip more.

What if we have to cancel?

We understand things come up and cancellations made 7 days prior to your event will receive a full refund. Cancellations made less than 7 days before your event will be charge a $200 cancellation fee for group tours and private seats will be charged $20 per seat, plus a surcharge of 3%. Sorry, but there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule as we book our drivers based on our groups and may have turned away other business that wanted your date.

What is a private tour, group tour and open tour?

Private tours are when you book the entire bike for your group of 8-15 guests. Only your group will be on the bike and we can customize the tour. Group tours are when you book at least 8 seats but allow us to open up the other seats on the bike to other guests. Open seats are slots available to individuals or groups of less than 8 people if a group of 8 has already booked seats and has available seats left over.  Please note, the booking group of 8 will have first choice on seating.  Individual seat dates have very limited availability because we need to guarantee at least 8 people for the bike to move.  On some occasions we may open tours to public individual seat bookings (however, we will need to get at least 8 seats filled to run the tour so invite your friends or people you met while here on vacation to book, too) and will post the available dates on our Facebook page!

How many stops do we make on the tour?

We have 2-4 stops on each tour where riders will get to exit and walk around, have a drink or do some shopping and sightseeing. Each pub that we stop at will have an available drink special for our riders. Please be courteous that we have limited time at each stop so order quickly and each group should have one tab rather than separate tabs.

How long is the bike tour?

Tours last 2 hours including any stops.  Tour routes are planned in advance however may change based on traffic, time at each stop (which can be based on a stop being crowded or a group wanting to stay at a stop longer than allotted time) and amount/speed a group is pedaling-the more you pedal the further we can go!

Where do I put my stuff?

We have storage on the bike for your bags and such.

What about parking?

Because parking on Main Street can be tough (especially during event weeks) we recommend getting an Uber or parking at one of the various nearby parking lots/garages and walking over. We also recommend Daytona Pedi-Cabs as a fun way to get to the shop!

Do you do customized tours?

Yes-simply contact us no less than seven days prior to your tour and let us know what you are looking for and we can create a customized tour for you (please note, only available for private tours).

Do you do Team Building Events, Parties or Fundraisers?

Yes to all! We can even have fun add-ons such as scavenger hunts, trivia and more!