Dining in Daytona!

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You just got to Daytona and you are excited about some fun in the sun, but another important part of vacation pops in your mind….where should you eat?  Don’t worry, we have tons of excellent foodie selections here in Daytona Beach that we can highly recommend to you.  There is everything from beach front dining to watching the sunset on the river.  We have an incredible selection of seafood as well as a huge variety of international cuisines just waiting for your taste buds to enjoy.

Let’s start with the beach stuff…cause at the end of the day, we are a beach town.  If you are looking for a dining experience with a great atmosphere, awesome food, live music and beach access…the Ocean Deck is where you need to go.  We recommend Ocean Deck to anyone coming to town and it’s a local favorite!  The have live music every night and the food is great.  Think beachy bar food that’s actually fresh.  The staff here is always great and the atmosphere is fun.   Just make sure you head to the downstairs bar for the music.

Looking for great beach food that is a hidden gem….stop in at Burgey’s Tiki Bar on Main Street to see one of our favorite hole-in-the-walls and to treat yourself to some of the best mahi tacos in town.  This family run joint will make you feel like you are in a surf shop in Hawaii.  While there you have to try their Apple Cider Shot…it is absolutely delicious but beware as it’s made with Everclear so don’t have too many!

If you are looking to enjoy river views while dining, Caribbean Jack’s can’t be beat for their outdoor vibe and simply delicious food.  You have to cross the bridge to get to this one but it’s worth the drive to sit at the dock and eat some of our favorite grub.  You can also get live music at this hot spot while watching the dolphins play and checking out the mega-boats.

If watching the sunset sounds like the best way to spend your evening, hit up any of our beachside-riverfront eateries.  Our Deck Down Under and DJ’s Deck are located right under the Dunlawton Bridge and are always fun.  Further down in Ponce Inlet is Boondocks, Off the Hook and Treasure Island.  All great spots to watch the sunset and enjoy the scenes while eating.

Travel over to Beach Street or Seabreeze Boulevard for some international flair and secret gems.  Daytona Taproom has a giant selection of beer which is great, but for food you are missing out on life if you don’t try their beer cheese fries or better yet, their truffle fries.  Just typing about them make my mouth water.  The portions are so big you can easily share one order amongst three friends.  Seabreeze also has Jamaican food and vegetarian food options plus a booming nightlife!

Just across the bridge on Beach Street are several yummy spots.  The Dancing Avocado kitchen has a fun and eclectic menu.  Zen Bistro and Ronin are both solid choices to get your sushi fix and Ichi Ni San is our favorite ramen spot.  All three asian inspired restaurants have great atmospheres and huge menus.  Looking for an Italian-style cafe…enjoy the string lights overhead and Venice type quaint courtyard while munching on incredible Italian food at Zappi’s Italian restaurant.  Need some Mexican in your life?  Hit up Tia Cori’s for a fun mexican dining experience.

Not to be overlooked is a stop at McKay’s Irish Tavern and now one of Daytona’s only breweries.  Check out their most recent brew while enjoying the very Irish decor and pub feel.  Prefer wine?  No problem, Ashley over at Wine Me has the largest wine selection in Daytona and always serves it with a smile.  While there, grab a cheese tray to enjoy with your wine..you won’t be disappointed.

A final fun stop….is Hamburger Mary’s…our local hamburger hot spot with a flair. ..and we mean flair.  Enjoy a great burger and drinks and then hang out for their semi-world famous drag show.  We guarantee you will have fun.

There are so many more dining destinations in Daytona that we will share another time, but for now, get out there and explore all the neat places we have.  Whether you are a wanderlust traveler or looking to support local, we’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy our deliciously fun town!


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